when will america learn….

We won’t learn, because our education system sucks

Instead of treating kids like machines in a factory, being created into obedient workers. It looks like in Finland they’re treated like actual humans.

it’s also because all teachers there have masters’ degrees, and teaching is seen as a prestigious profession like medicine or law.

What’s actually wrong with American schools is not that they’re not like Finnish schools.

What’s wrong with American schools is that they’re an outdated relic of the early 20th century, where the object was to train a child to have the mindset required to work in a factory job long hours of the day, as at the time that mandatory public school was instituted, that was the main expectation of children.

As the industrial age faded and the US entered the era of private sector jobs, the education system failed to reflect that change, and they’re still training us to have the mindset for an industrial job, not a job in today’s job market.

The problem with American schools is not that they’re not like Finnish schools.

The problem with American schools is that they’re preparing us for jobs that no longer exist.

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N I G E R I A !

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god bless people with white backgrounds

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No, but Nia done got finer with age… like i would be speechless if i was in her presence.

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